Meet The Team

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Faraz Khan joined Stocks and Chip International in 2016 in the role of Director of Operations. Faraz has over 10 years’ experience in Logistics and 10 years’ experience in the IT sector.
Agha Faraz Khan
Director of Operations
Farid Fasih joined Stocks and Chip International in 2018 in the role of  Director of Sales and Marketing. Farid has over 13 years’ experience in Sales and 15 years’ experience in Management.
Farid Fasih
Director of Sales and Marketing
Oliver D Cruz joined Stocks and Chip International in 2013 as Human Resources Manager. Oliver has over 9 years’ experience in HR.
Oliver D Cruz
Human Resources Manager
Saba Shaikh joined Stocks and Chip International in 2015 as Accounting Manager. Saba has over 12 years’ experience in finance and construction industries; 15 years in civil construction prior to arriving in Ontario and 10 years’ experience in the Oil and Gas sector.
Saba Shaikh
Accounts Manager
Mateen Sadiq joined Stocks and Chip International in 2013 in the role of a dispatcher. He quickly worked his way up in the organization in the areas of transportation and warehousing services. In 2014 he was promoted to Team Lead for the warehouse division and again in 2016 as the Dispatch Manager for transportation.
Mateen Sadiq
Dispatch Manager